December 05, 2007

The Bush Lunacy

As President Bush enters his last year in office, much attention has been given to his legacy. Will he bring peace to Palestine; will he carpet bomb Iran? Will he find the other Jesus that he missed when he swore his allegiance to that God after giving up the wayward spirits of his youth.

Professor John Smelling, Professor of Political Science, Roedown University in Leeds, England has written and spoken extensively about the institution of the American Presidency and expresses a certain "wonderment that the man is still in office.

"I covered the Clinton impeachment and thought the proceedings were absolutely over-the-top and fed by right wingers who could no abide the man. Obviously, Clinton made a big mistake but it never reached a level of high crimes and misdemeanors. On the other hand, Bush under cover of 9/11 has for all practical purposes set aside the Constitution. He thoroughly politicized the Justice Department. He cooked the books about Irag intelligence so the invasion was de fact illegal and unconsitutional. He has continued to bang the drum against Iran and might only be deterred by the recent intelligence report stating that he has essentially been lying about Iran too. The question I hear from my students: How many lies does an American President have to tell before he is impeached?

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December 03, 2007

Bush in Iraq

The man has been lost
in sand
for centuries
stuck in thr bootprints
of Alexander the Great
surrounded by desert
without water
so his brain
boils and his eyes
see only mirages
of men rising
from the morning dunes
daggers in their teeth
vowing to kill him
for a god
he didn't invent.

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